Unfortunately the woman who could work miracles could not provide proper identification and was deemed a national security risk. So after feeding the hungry and curing leprosy she was tazered and bound.
On the way to her incarceration she sneezed and cancer was cured, so they started to beat her and several extinct species reappeared.
Her trial and sentencing were quick and severe, and now that the electroshock therapy and lobotomy have been performed there is no more mental illness or birth defects.
Fully rehabilitated she can now reenter society to sell Amway products in Windsor Ontario.
Statistics Canada has noted that although no one has died in over four months a new and mysterious virus had made several hundred people sick in several cities across the country. Fear of a new pandemic is spreading and now there is no more miracle worker.
In a side note Amway sales are up by 22%. Which is much better for the economy.