I Am
Today I will no longer grovel before you.
Today I will stand on my own two feet.
You will have to look my in the eye,
And I will see for myself if the words coming from your mouth are truth by the expression on your face .
I will not accept an omnipotent voice demanding obedience booming through my head.
No longer will you step over me and kick me as you pass me by .
Now I stand before you.
Now you will have to push me out of your way, and do not doubt; I will resist.
I am not to be ignored but to be befriended .
I am not your enemy.
Look me in the eye.
Acknowledge my existence.
Convince me with your actions.
Sway me with your words.
I will follow you out of love;
I can no longer follow out of fear
I have always known that you are. Now I have come to realize that
I am.

Life is a gift. It doesn’t come with an exchange receipt. It doesn’t come in another size. There’s no 20% more for the same price coupon. You can’t exchange it for another colour. Sometimes it’s too short or too painful and can definitely be defective. Life can be unfair and unforgiving. It doesn’t make promises it cant keep. And when someone you love loses theirs it rips your guts out and makes you question why! Life comes with laughter and tears and really big questions with no answers. There is no joy without sorrow . Peace without chains. War without sacrifice. Love without pain. The sun will rise and the sun will set with or without you. Life is a gift. Say thank you.

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