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The bus pulled up and they checked the ticket. The last few things we shared carried slung over her shoulder and she turned one last time.
And it wasn’t the whispered good- bye or the tear in her eye. Or the reluctance of one last embrace. It was when the door slammed shut and the knot in my gut followed by thunder and a downpour of rain. I knew in my heart as the greyhound pulled out. I would never see her again.

Rob Thomas

The Condescending is a predatory snake living high in the forest canopy. It spends it’s time looking down on you and strikes without notice.

Belligerence travel in large herds, going wherever they want caring little for anything that gets in their way.

Vanities are brightly plumed and sing noisily. They spend their days preening in open places where they can be seen or near reflective pools of water.

Humilities are shy creatures. They blend well in the forest and are seldom seen, but if you do catch sight of one they are truly humbling.

Arrogance are tall by nature and walk very proudly.They are easily spotted near flocks of Vanities.They feed off each and are seldom far apart.

The Meek come down to the water to drink at dusk. They are humble and kind creatures, and when they leave there is no sign of their passing.

Rob Thomas

I Am
Today I will no longer grovel before you.
Today I will stand on my own two feet.
You will have to look my in the eye,
And I will see for myself if the words coming from your mouth are truth by the expression on your face .
I will not accept an omnipotent voice demanding obedience booming through my head.
No longer will you step over me and kick me as you pass me by .
Now I stand before you.
Now you will have to push me out of your way, and do not doubt; I will resist.
I am not to be ignored but to be befriended .
I am not your enemy.
Look me in the eye.
Acknowledge my existence.
Convince me with your actions.
Sway me with your words.
I will follow you out of love;
I can no longer follow out of fear
I have always known that you are. Now I have come to realize that
I am.