This is the story. It isn’t my story. It was given to me in a dream to tell, so by obligation to the dream, I’m telling it.
Long ago, when the great forest covered all this place and the first people spent their days busy under the sun and sat at night by the fire under the stars, Raven gave voice to the eldest of all the animals to teach lessons to the first peoples.
Now, seeing this, the evil one grew jealous of the talking animals. In shadow he brooded as the first people listened to the lessons taught by the eldest of all the animals. Attention was not given to him.
Loathing the choice Raven made, the evil one decided to destroy all the animals given voice.
Now bright eyed Raven knew the evil one’s heart and would not have his purpose undermined, so Raven turned all the grandparent animals into totems and gave them to to children of the first people.
So when the evil one set out under cover of night to accomplish the deed that had consumed his heart he could not find the eldest animals. Scour the forest as he might their presence was lost to him. He could only find children playing with carved toys. These he ignored and passed the children by.
As a cold howling wind he scoured the great forest, but to no avail. Thwarted he returned to his dark place brooding, but Raven smiled. His purpose had not been undone,
In dreams the animals given voice still teach the lessons of Raven, saved by children, turned to totems. The lessons learned in dreams.
As I said, this isn’t my story. It was given to me in a dream to tell. And so by obligation to the dream I have told it.

Rob Thomas.